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Lallemand Inc. is a privately held Canadian company, founded at the end of the 19th century, specializing in the development, production, and marketing of yeasts and bacteria. The company is divided into two major groups: Yeast Group (based in Montreal, Canada) and Specialties Group (based in Toulouse, France). Administrative offices for the parent company are in Montreal, Canada.

The Yeast Group includes North American Yeast and Ingredients (based in Memphis, USA), EMEA (European Middle-Eastern and African) Yeast Division (based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Bio-Ingredients (based in Montreal, Canada).
North American Yeast and Ingredients Division, with headquarters in Memphis, TN, operates through the subsidiaries Lallemand Distribution in Canada, American Yeast Sales in the U.S., and Lallemand Mexico in Mexico. Its yeast plants in Montreal, Baltimore and Memphis and mix plant in Mexico produce fresh, cream and instant dried bakers yeast along with inactive yeasts, specialty yeasts, dough conditioners and baking powders. These products, along with a broad range of other baking ingredients, are marketed mostly through its own sales and distribution organization.
EMEA Yeast Division (Europe, Middle-East and Africa), produces specialty yeasts, yeast extracts and derivatives and also produces and markets bakers yeast (fresh, cream and instant dried) under renowned brand names from its production, drying and packaging plants in Denmark, UK, Poland, Finland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, South Africa, Mozambique (50% JV) and its distribution centers in the above mentioned countries as well as in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Ireland and Spain.
Bio-Ingredients Division with headquarters in Montreal, Canada and sales offices in Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and the USA, offers inactive yeasts, yeast extracts and yeast derivatives worldwide to various food and feed companies for their savory attributes and to the fermentation industries as highly bioavailable nutrients. Its Lake States unit operates a Torula yeast plant in Wisconsin USA. Furthermore, this division produces and markets specialty baking ingredients.

The Specialties Group, with headquarters in Toulouse, France, is a technically-driven business focusing on applications of yeast and bacteria in fermented beverages, human and animal nutrition, fuel ethanol and for agricultural (plant care) and pharmaceutical uses. It operates worldwide through a network of subsidiaries, affiliates and joint ventures. It is organized in Business Units, each dedicated to a field of industry: Oenology, Brewing, Animal Nutrition, Human Nutrition (ingredients, and supplements), Pharma (pharmaceutical products), Ethanol Technology (fuel ethanol and spirits) and Plant Care. The Division has sales offices in several countries and bacteria and ingredients plants in Canada, France, United States, United Kingdom and Estonia.
Other activities and investments of Lallemand include a participation of 50 % in Macco Organiques Inc., which produces specialty salts of organic acids at its plant in Valleyfield, Canada, and in Bruntal, Czech Republic, and exports them throughout the world.


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