Pie Kayambé

Pie Kayambé
Préparation 0:45
Cuisson 0:20
Difficulté Facile


Recipe for 1 28cm diameter pie

Nombre de portions



Sweet dough
  • Icing sugar : 30 g
  • Butter : 30 g
  • Flour : 75 g
  • Whole egg : 15 g
Creamy in Kayambé
  • Whole milk : 75 g
  • Whipping cream UHT 35% fat : 75 g
  • Egg yolk : 30 g
  • Sugar : 15 g
  • Cover Chocolate Black Kayambé 72% : 70 g
Creamy with bergamot
  • From mashed Bergamot : 125 g
  • Egg yolk : 37 g
  • Whole egg : 50 g
  • Sugar : 37 g
  • Gelatin sheet : 2 g
  • Ointment Butter : 50 g
Yellow frosting
  • Water : 37 g
  • Sugar : 75 g
  • Glucose : 75 g
  • Gelatin sheet : 5 g
  • Concentrated milk Unsweetened : 50 g
  • Cover White Chocolate : 90 g
  • Titanium dioxide : 1 g
  • Yellow dye : 2 g


Sweet dough

Beater, mix the butter and icing sugar. Stir in flour and mix in first gear for about ten minutes. Add eggs then rid upon obtaining a uniform mixture. Chill in refrigerator before darken the 28cm circle. Bake at 180 ° C blank until a light golden color.

Creamy in Kayambé

Rehydrate the gelatin in a large amount of water. Boil mashed potatoes. Beat the egg yolks, eggs and sugar, pour over the mashed potatoes to a boil and cook on 82 ° C. Stir in the softened gelatine and then at 40 ° C, the softened butter. Pour into 1 24cm diameter circle then freeze.

Creamy with bergamot

Boil the milk and cream. Stir in the egg yolks and sugar previously mixed. Cook all at 82 ° C then pour over the black cover. Mix gently with a spatula and blend all taking care not to incorporate air. Pour into baked pie shell and refrigerate.

Yellow frosting

Rehydrate the gelatin in a substantial amount of water. Cooking a syrup with the water, sugar and glucose to 103 ° C. Stir in the softened gelatine, condensed milk, and then the white cover. Mix gently until a uniform mixture. Add titanium dioxide and yellow coloring and mix well to blend the pigments. Store cool in an airtight container.


Décercler creamy with bergamot and then return to freezer. Melt the yellow frosting 33/35 ° C and the creamy icing disc defrosted. Using a spatula, place a creamy circle on the pastry base topped with creamy Kayambé. Decorate with fresh raspberries around.

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